Football builds friendships that last a lifetime

It’s not just about the game! It’s about everything that comes with it. The lessons learned, the bonds formed, and the lifelong development that happens. We love football! But it doesn’t have to just be about that. It’s proven that participating in team sports, whatever it is, helps in the development of youth and adults in our communities.

50 Years Later, We’re Still Friends

We are lifelong friends. The players are #32,10,1, and 20. We have been friends since we were all in kindergarten.  We remain so still now that we are all roughly the age of 50.  We all started playing football together in the street at one of our homes, eventually moving up to organized football starting in the 3rd grade.  We played all the way through high school. I believe that the long lasting relationships that have lasted throughout the years were forged on the football field.  Us four guys, along with others are brothers due to this awesome game.  I love these guys and the game of football.


In the golf photo starting from the left,

Daryl Woodworth #20, Paul Tangren #32, (Golf Pro., Mark Richeson #1, Darrin Wells #10


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